Another Day

Well another day down. Rainy and glum looking, except for a moment of sunshine just when I was getting home. Made me think it was almost a sign that I should have stayed home.

I saw an ad on the Career Center’s website for a warehouse job, decent paying to boot. The best part was, it was only posted yesterday, at the end of the day no less. As much as I’d like to branch out and try my hand at other fields, I still would rather have regular employment.

I figured it couldn’t hurt to apply, I drove to “AreoSat” (that’s Direct TV) and was told the position had been filled this morning. I’m not a genius but it sounded like a put off to me. Of course I was welcome to fill out an application anyway.

Which I did, despite the fact that my will to go on was completely gone. I just couldn’t help but think of the gas it cost me to get there and then turn around and go back for nothing. On my way out I questioned the woman about the job posting. I asked her how long they had been hiring for that position? She replied she didn’t even know they were, people just started showing up on Monday to apply. I noted that the job posting was only a day old and how surprised I was to find it was filled. She again professed that she doesn’t know anything about where she works.

I must say I find that story a little worn out but if you say so. Were I have worked the girls in the office knew what the boss had for breakfast. I wonder how she found out it had been filled if they don’t tell her anything?

Sorry that’s more of a gripe then a post but honestly, someone has to say these things from time to time.


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