Monday Only

Well, I have fallen in with a dubious crowd now. I called one of those ads you see in the paper with $$$.

Comparing notes with a friend of mine, he noted that he had much the same experience, except for the fact he opted out. Are these sales jobs real? Hard to tell in this day and age. When it seems everyone is out to pull a fast one and you’re worried about the future of your family, taking a risk and trusting someone who seems too good to be true is a scary business. But like a man once said, “The only way to really know if something works is to try it.”

Now I won’t debate if that logic is sound or wise but in some cases it may be true. Even the best information and research can be wrong. You’ve got to risk something, sometime.

Speaking of wrong, while I was filling out an application today I noticed something odd. I could over here some phone interviews in progress. The first half dozen of so were given a time to interview, then the next caller was told “The position has been filled.”, then it was back to interview appointment setting.

Why? Who knows, I could only hear one end of the conversation. But the fact remains, “Position Filled” is a quick way to avoid an argument and end the conversation.


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