Newspaper Ads

It’s sad, the NewsLeader has combined the sports and Job ad pages. The job ads now take up only half of one page, at least for weekday editions.

I thought that the paper looked smaller, more narrow but figured it was my imagination, until recently. I found an old paper from a few months ago tucked away. Comparing the old to the new I found that the new was in fact more narrow, by about an inch or so.

As I was growing up I’d always heard adults talk about everything getting smaller. I just assumed that it was their eyesight failing, I now know better.

Ads in the newspaper seem old fashion I suppose. At least job ads, there are quite a number of cars and homes for sale. But maybe that’s a sign of the times?

Job Fair tomorrow, I’m trying to hit every company’s website before I go but so far it’s been a waste of time. One company, oddly enough a company that among other things does job applicant screening, failed to send a confirmation e-mail to even acknowledge that I had registered.

I was planning on telling their reps that I had already been to the website. I suppose now when they say “Goto our website.” I just respond, “Dang, I put on underwear for nothing!”


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