Job Fair?

First let me point out that this is the 7th anniversary of 9/11, I’m sure it doesn’t need to be said but it still should be.

Despite some light rain I made it to the job fair today. There were about 20 companies there, I didn’t get an exact count.

I spent a few hours going from booth to booth, talking with different company reps. The most busy booths seemed to be St John’s, Cox, and of course Chase. Most were friendly but a few were not, like Express Employment Professionals. They seemed most eager to get the day over with, I got very impatient responses to my questions. Also Cox‘s response to my even being there was to simply hand me a post-it pad and say goto the website, refusing to tell me much more then that. And I waited until they weren’t busy just so I could talk to them too.

On the flip side was another staffing service there, WillStaff Worldwide, they were friendly and polite and didn’t try to rush me through.

Most offered very limited information, but some went the extra mile to describe the positions and details about the company, like BuckHorn. The St. John’s rep even gave some advice to myself and other job seekers about on-line applications and resumes, at least for St. John’s. Things like filling out the application is better then just uploading a resume, they’d prefer to get info they ask for more then what you want to give them. Also to go into detail about experience when it applies to the job you’re applying for but not to tell them your life story. Basic advice perhaps but still good.

As far as applications go, BuckHorn gets the best in show award, lot’s of room to write and well laid out. Worst goes to Grand Crown Resorts, their application was TERRIBLE! No space at all, not even enough room to write a phone number without the area code! Also if you’re applying to Redneck Trailer Supplies be warned, their application is very confusing, the layout will play tricks on you. I had the same problem when I applied there some months ago, the layout is prone to skipping fields. I hung around their booth for a few minutes and heard the same thing over and over “You just need to fill out this part here.” Which was the same field for every person.

I was impressed by a few of the reps, like from T-Mobile and Enterprise, they were upfront about what their requirements were. After I informed them I didn’t have enough experience but was still interested in learning more, they gladly explained what they do and how their hiring works.

All in all, it was quite a bit to process, and after a few hours my throat was getting quite dry. So I filled out my pile of applications and turned them in to the booths that wanted them back. Made a neat pile of my “loot” (or post-its and business cards and pens) and took my leave, free NewLeader in hand.

Hope you all had a good lead from there, only time will tell.

Keep up the fight.


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