Rude, just plain rude.

As anyone who has been job hunting will tell you, there is no shortage of rude people out there.

Every time someone is rude to me I think back to my younger days in electronic and department stores. I have always had a passion for computers, I have spent hours and hours in places like Radio Shack or Best Buy.

One thing that always irked me was in Best Buy. I would come in to purchase a memory upgrade for example. These are all locked in a display case and cannot simply be bought, you have to wait for someone to help you. Of course maybe it was my youthful appearance or I was not forward enough, whatever the reason I had wait times up to an hour. Once, a guy walked behind the counter and looked right at me. When I started to ask for the memory chip, he grabbed something from under the counter and walked away. Completely ignoring me.

Needless to say I don’t buy much from them anymore, but that’s not the point. The point is, because of experiences like that, I dislike waiting but I hate being ignored.

Today I applied at GoodWill, of all places, for the posted job of Processor. Basically sorting though donated goods. The manager was in an interview when I finished my application, which was fine, I waited. She came out and was called to the back for something and asked me to wait, I waited. She left me waiting for over a half hour. Now by this time I don’t mind telling you I had to pee, coffee in, coffee out. I also didn’t feel like there was any point in waiting any longer. BUT, I hate being ignored, so I waited. I wanted her to at least acknowledge that I had taken the time to fill out the application and patiently waited while she was busy. At last, one of the cashiers got on the phone and this is what I heard:

“Hey, do you know where ___ is?” “Is she doing anything?” “What’s she doing?” “Tell her there is a guy here.”

She came back, from what my nose told me was a smoke break, only to take the application and to tell me they’d start calling people back next week. Now that only took 30 seconds, was it really so hard, that cigarette couldn’t wait 30 seconds?

The fact of the matter is, courtesy is rare these days. There could be a hundred reasons, short of time, all the way to lack of interest. The point as made in the article here is that it’s just plain unprofessional behavior to ignore someone.


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