Slow Day

Feeling rejection stress set in, I didn’t feel too chipper this morning, just nervous. Looking for a job is just like dating. When you get turned down over and over you start having self doubt. Do I dress ok? Do I have bad breath? Is there a sign on my back that says “Loser”?

I started my day by turning in an application to the local Price Cutter. Now get this, when I inquired about the position a few days ago the person at customer service said they don’t hire for that desk. Instead you have to start as a cashier and work your way up. Of course they have two signs in large, bold, print, that state they are taking applications for the customer service desk.

I filled out one of the worst applications to date, it was so bad I almost printed a new one for them to use instead. It was horribly spaced but worse then that, it was badly copied. Some questions were cut off so you couldn’t even read them and it was at an odd angle. I guess they should at least get kudos for saving paper by not throwing it away. At least not until it’s filled out.

I struggled to fit things in the tiny spaces. One of the advantages to being able to take an application home, you can be more careful filling it out. I turned it in this morning, to a girl who took it and wouldn’t make eye contact, she promptly shoved it in a drawer and mumbled a “have a nice day”, after an awkward pause. I was going to buy something while I was in there but changed my mind at that very moment.

After a brief run to the post office I felt like I had shook it off enough to try out for the new Wendy’s opening. That went much better, even if they didn’t hire me I’d gladly eat there, simply because I was treated with respect. I hope I get the chance to prove myself there.

Although it may not sound like the dream job, fast food shouldn’t be underestimated. I’ve known people who worked their way up and went on to high paying jobs because of the experience they gained. I guess it’s all in how you look at it.


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