Follow Through

Today, I sat down with the list of 83 volunteer groups in the Springfield area and e-mailed 13 of them. My first mistake was sending so many e-mails at once. To be honest I didn’t expect to get any replies, at least not in one day. So far I’ve gotten 4 replies, 2 within the first hour. Goes to show people are always looking for volunteers.

Now, seeing as how I think good contact is the right thing to do I need to reply. I should have picked one, e-mailed and then decided if I wanted to work with them. I guess in a way this is what employers do all the time. Take on too many people at once and then rather then deal with the burden of communication, instead, blow most of them off.

Of course no one likes to say no too soon and limit their options if their first choice doesn’t work out. However, I think taking the time to be honest and explain I’m looking at more then one choice is better then being silent.

Which brings me to another topic, follow up after an interview or application. It’s been said and suggested that you have to hound an employer to death or they might forget and not hire you. I suppose that’s true, although you may regret working for someone who could so easily forget you. The point remains, follow though is important, applying for a job doesn’t end with the application or the interview.

The problem is, most places don’t seem to want you to follow up. In fact even if I tried, most places don’t give you any contact names to follow up with. Somehow I don’t think sending a letter with “ATTN: HR Department,” will get it to the right person. This is something I hope will be addressed in the Job Seeker “class” I’ll be attending at the Career Center next week. Stay tuned…


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