Good Evening!

While going to the Career Center, I’ve written down some good points to consider. Things I didn’t personally think about or thought would be worth noting to remind myself. No matter how polished you are, you can always forget something.

  • Call before filling out the application.

This has a few benefits. First, you may save gas in driving there. Second, some places will interview you after you fill out an application. If you can setup an appointment, they will have time to do so. If you just show up, they may not. Of course if they say, “No calls,” then don’t call them.

  • No cell phone.

I personally don’t like cell phones but after a near miss with a job I wanted, I got one. I thought this would be good to have and have taken to carrying it with me at all times. The problem is, leave it in the car. Even if you are just filling out an application, check your messages when you get back to the car.

  • Know your bottom line.

Don’t even bother with a job if you need more money. I know that seems obvious, but it’s also true. Odds are good they won’t hire you anyway. And you don’t want to be trapped in a low paying job you have to leave later.

  • Mention how you were referred to the job in your cover letter.

Where it was listed, like a newspaper. This makes sense. It tells the employer which ads are working and helps them decide where to spend money on want ads. It’s a courtesy.

  • Ask for a contact.

Most places will not give you any contact info for their HR department. Makes follow ups and thank you letters hard to write or send doesn’t it? Here’s a thought though, if you are not dealing with the hiring manager directly, ask who you should address a cover letter to. Of course you might want to write a cover letter. Still it could be a good way to get a contact person with little hassle. If they say no, well that’s ok too, don’t argue the point.

  • Don’t answer your phone on the go.

This is one I’ve done myself, like I said I’m not used to cell phone etiquette. If you are on the go or even on the walk, don’t answer the phone when an employer calls, let them leave a message. Then once you have a chance, pull over, park, sit down or whatever and call them back. Make sure you can talk and are giving them your full attention. As I’ve read, phone calls should be taken as seriously as interviews, in some cases they are.

That’s my lecture for the day. Hope you enjoyed. There was more in the book and handouts they gave us in the “class” but these were some of the most interesting points. I’ll try to post more useful info as I continue this blog.

But for now,



One Response to Good Evening!

  1. Some good tips here that even I didn’t think about.

    Leave the cell phone in the car. Should be a given, and yet…

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