Where to begin?

As I’ve reported already I’ve been taking a “Job Seeker” class this week at my local Career Center. The first few days weren’t so hot, and like most people there I thought “Am I wasting my time?” The answer is NO, it was worth going to, I’d strongly advise anyone to go. Even if you think you’ve got all that stuff covered. The reason is the part that covers interviewing.

First off, the information changed the whole view I had of an interview. I admit before I really didn’t get it. I’m not saying I do now, but I feel like I at least have a handle on it. Nineteen sample questions and advice to form an answer for them. Plus in this class we covered behavioral interviews, which was really some of the best info of all. Not for the process itself as much as what the answer says about you. I felt lucky because not every class covers this type of interview, but it’s good advice no matter what type you get.

After the prep and some slightly dated but overall really good videos showing common interview mistakes, we took a mock interview. Which was video taped and then played back in front of the class. Some didn’t like that part but I think it’s a great way to get an overall sense of your mistakes. Even if you tape yourself, you may not see your own flaws. Other people, ones who don’t know you, may be a better judge. Each person, including the teacher (who did not conduct the mock interviews,) was given a assessment sheet to fill out while watching. Then all the sheets are given to the person being interviewed, complete with comments. We only did the first three interviews today, so I don’t know how I did yet. It’ll be really interesting to see.

Don’t worry, I plan on updating the Interviewing page to reflect this new fountain of advice.

Truthfully though, I’ve been carrying a headache for the last two days and not getting much sleep. So it will wait until weekend is done I think.

That does bring up one more point though, I learned something I never really thought about before. Everyone sweats when they get nervous, I sweat more then I think is normal. BUT I’ve found when I’m tired and nervous I sweat way more then when I’ve well rested and nervous.

So get that sleep, it’s really important in more ways then you think.


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