BassPro called me back Thursday about an application I submitted back in August. They let me know there were some openings I qualified for but since it had been over 30 days I’d need to do a new application. I continue to be impressed, so far, by BassPro’s good communication, they clearly had my information on file when they called.

BassPro is one of the places that does an interview immediately after you fill out the application. I have an appointment set for this Thursday, so wish me luck. Just hope I can remember all my own advice when I get there.

In the mean time I’ve been volunteering at the Ozark’s Food Harvest. I just started so I’m not sure how it will work out but feel very lucky to get the opportunity. I’ve got to work in the office, not what I was expecting and an honor to be trusted with it. It really feels good, just to have something to do, I hope to keep doing volunteer work, time permitting, even after I find my next job.


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