So, uh, what do you do?

As someone who’s unemployed, for the time being anyway, I don’t quite know what to say to that question anymore.

I took my car in to get the oil changed today and found myself asked this very question. The guy happened to like the model of car, an Olds Cutlass, great car, at least I think so and he agreed. That got him to want to talk and thus the question, to which I replied, “Nothing, right now.”

His response was, “You just hang out and get oil changes?” I did have a better answer, saying that I had been volunteering but truthfully I felt like I had just been called out. Something about not having a job, makes me feel abnormal, like a cat in a dog show or a visitor to a foreign country. Isolated, not quite knowing what I’m supposed to do or how to go about doing it, with a prevailing sense that I don’t quite belong there.

I guess the trick is not to think that way, but it’s easier said then done.


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