Closing the Interview

Not only is the interview a time for the employer to ask you questions, it is an opportunity for you to find out information about the job and the company. You should have specific questions in mind before the interview ever begins. Some examples are:

  • What would my duties and responsibilities be?
  • What are my working hours?
  • Is there a dress code?
  • Would special equipment or tools be necessary?

At the end of the interview inform the interviewer that you are seeking employment on a daily basis and would like to know a convenient time for you to call back.

Finally, thank the employer for the interview and leave promptly.

When you have returned home, immediately review your interview. Identify the positive parts or your interview and not the negative aspects for future improvement.

Don’t forget to write a thank you letter.

Example of a “Call-Back” Closing:

Employer, “Alright, well thanks for coming in today. We should be contacting you soon.”

Job Seeker, “I am really interested in working for your company and would hate to miss your call. Is there a time when I can call you back about your hiring decision?

Employer, “Call me Friday afternoon.”

Job Seeker, “Would 2:00pm be alright?”

Employer, “That would be fine.”

Answers to Common Interview Questions
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